501 Future Life Course
Improving future lives...

image The Future Life Course is designed to multiply the benefits from the textbook exponentially by using a structured learning environment where students explore the topics in greater depth under professional supervision. The class functions as an open forum where students interact, express their ideas, discuss questions, and receive professional instruction and guidance.

The course uses a companion book of practical, self-discovery exercises, called the Future Life Planning Workbook. Students proceed through the workbook in pairs, completing exercises, questions, and discussion topics which stimulate deeper thinking and serve as catalysts for accelerating change.

The Future Life Course provides nine key deliverables to the student: .

1. Escape the Local Earth Trance

  • Awakens students from the local Earth trance into a truer measure of their freedom
  • Opens up student’s perception of the ultimate truth of the universe
  • Guides student to set their course for higher ground
  • Releases student from 12 hidden anchors in the collective unconscious and race mind which bind spiritual beings to the Earth plane
  • Restores the student’s freedom to leave the Earth mind plane for a better life and dramatically improve the quality of their next thousand years

2. Freedom

  • Multiplies the options students think they have for their future lives
  • Enormously expands the student’s freedom and broadens their horizons and choices for their future lives

3. Perspective

  • Enables the student to view their present life on Earth from a much larger perspective as a citizen of the universe
  • Enlarges the student's perspective from playing the short game of one lifetime to the long game of many lifetimes

4. Perception

  • Reveals why, in previous lives, students were unable to perceive their own best interests, spending many lifetimes in trial and error making mistake after mistake
  • Teaches students how to perceive their own actual best interests as spiritual beings in the long game, not just as people in a current incarnation

5. Future Life Planning

  • Brings to light the underlying hidden assumptions students have regarding their next lifetime, and guides students to reexamine and reframe them
  • Teaches students how to raise their sights on future lives, aim higher, and elevate their interlife trajectory
  • Shows students how they can spend the spiritual capital they received in this life to make wise decisions that will benefit them over the next thousand years
  • Supplies students with a long-range game plan, strategy, toolkit, methods, and techniques for dramatically improving the quality of their next thousand years

6. Priorities

  • Gives the student five key long-range priorities to focus on to ensure they realize their ideal future
  • Shows the student how to reconfigure their current priorities and make new choices in life to accelerate their progress to higher realms
  • Provides the student with concrete, practical step-by-step guidance on setting their priorities for optimum results

7. Interlife Performance

  • Enormously expands the student’s interlife playing field
  • Multiplies the student’s interlife freedoms exponentially
  • Opens the student up a whole new science and methods for optimizing interlife performance
  • Explains the most effective specific ways for students to improve their spiritual performance between lives, and provides direction for immediate practice now
  • Teaches students how to leverage out-of-body experiences as valuable resources to improve the quality of their spiritual performance between lives
  • Maps out the correct compass heading and proper attitudes to propel students forward into higher realms
  • Teaches students how to move onto the interlife plane in bright confidence and ascend to a better world
  • Provides priceless knowledge on how to navigate the interlife successfully and how to prepare
  • Lays out a map of options, choices and directions in the interllife
  • Powerful new techniques for planning, preparation and practice to improve their interlife performance
  • Elevates the student's soul path trajectory for their upcoming lives

8. Practices

  • Teaches the student specific methods for immediate practice to strengthen their connection to their ascended future self
  • Guides the student to make fine adjustments at the spiritual identity level which open up a runway to higher levels of life
  • Provides life strategies, methods, practices, and step-by-step action plans for developing resonance with higher life in the universe and moving up to a brighter future

9.Permanent Value

  • Reveals the hidden greatest overall factor in determining the quality of future lives
  • Positions the student to create a radiant new future that is scalable and sustainable


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