Interlife Performance
Gateway to a brighter future...

What is the interlife?
The interlife is the period of time a spiritual being spends between lives, beginning with decarnation from the current body and ending with incarnation into a new one. A typical interlife duration can range from a few minutes to a century or more.

The characteristics of the individual’s next life are largely determined by their performance during the interlife. Their performance, in turn, will be a function of the state of mind they hold, their intentions, and their expectations.

Reincarnation is a skill which can be learned and improved like any other skill. An individual does not happen to have a body while they are deploying this skill, but other than that, it is the same as any other skill.

Managing this area astutely, instead of leaving it to chance, will yield improved performance, because chance favors the prepared mind, and the mind lives on.