Values and Beliefs
A catalyst for global change...

image Cognitive behavioral psychology and other human potential development techniques have proven themselves time and again as effective catalysts for transforming lives. These practices work whether one is aiming for a short-range change or a long-range improvement.

Reincarnation is a behavioral skill which can be learned and improved like any other skill. An individual does not happen to have a body while they are deploying this skill, but other than that, it is the same as any other competency.
Core Values
We honor the Earth’s great spiritual teachers, traditions and methods. To make further progress, though, we must go beyond what is known into new territory.
Central Beliefs
Between-lives performance can be improved with planning, practice and preparation. Better interlife performance yields higher quality future lives.

We value the skillful application of science, engineering and mathematics to yield new insights into the nature of consciousness to benefit humanity.

The full potential of a spiritual being’s consciousness is over one hundred times humanity's current awareness level.

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