Improving future lives...

image Future Life University leverages revolutionary ideas in science and spirituality to deliver powerful new education for improving an individual's performance between lifetimes, thereby elevating the quality of their future lives.
At the beginning of their adult lives, young people attend conventional universities to prepare for the rest of their lives. Later on in life, advanced souls attend a future life university to prepare themselves for their next lives.
The University’s undergraduate school offers a variety of courses on basic and intermediate consciousness development. The graduate school offers courses on advanced spirituality, and also houses a research institute.

The University’s curriculum is anchored in landmark new scientific discoveries which open up exciting new options for future lives.

The school recruits and retains innovative thought leaders in the consciousness field to deliver top-caliber course content and instruction to students.

The University’s Board of Directors comprises forward-thinking leaders representing a multi-disciplinary set of competencies, including academics, administration, marketing, finance, business, science and research.

Practical Application
Every course covers theory and practice. The practical sections teach students how to apply the theory to their lives to produce optimum results.

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