University Web Portal
Complete learning management services...

imageWhen finished, the Future Life University web portal will support a complete virtual learning environment which includes the following functions:


View class schedules and select classes
Register for classes
Process tuition payments
View payment transaction history
Manage recurring payment options
Maintain student and curriculum databases

Virtual Classrooms
Live video and audio feed
Multi-media desktop presentation broadcast
Full-function whiteboard
Interactive chat
Multiple presenter support

Workshops & Events
View workshops and event information
Register online for workshops and events
View workshops and event registration lists
View event-specific photo galleries
Receive email registration confirmation
Receive reminder emails for registered events

Student & Faculty Blogs & Forums
Browse blogs and forums
Search by tags and blog content
Post to open blog
Add comments to blog posts
Embed video and audio within posts
Attach files and documents
Subscribe to blogs and comments
Receive email notification of new posts and comments

Student Profiles
Maintain personal, professional and biographical information
Manage external social and professional networks
Maintain categorized friends/family/colleague connection lists
Maintain multiple personal blogs with audio/video sharing
Manage group and community blog subscriptions
Post and update online résumé
Manage career postings
Set personal preferences and alerts
Upload to personal photo albums
Create a university email address

Student Networking
See fellow students that are online
Chat in real-time with other students
Share and browse external social/professional networking profiles
Email students and connections
Send and receive messages from students and groups
Manage received messages and attachments via folders
Add comments to photo galleries
Collaborate with others via blogs, wikis, and groups

Campus Community Groups
Browse, select and join available groups
Access group homepages, content, wikis and file libraries
Browse group student profiles
Request access to private groups
Become a group administrator
View, post, tag and subscribe to group blogs
View, post and tag photos in group galleries
Register for group-specific events
Send messages to group members

Student Directory
Search students by name, location, groups, profession, and custom fields
Quick-link to student profiles
Email and message students directly from the site

Wiki & Collaboration
View and edit wiki-enabled pages and content
Upload and embed rich media file types including audio, video, presentations, etc.
Upload documents to a group or community file library
Collaborate on group or community files posted within the file library

News & Announcements
Browse blog-style news releases
View categorized news releases
Post and view comments on news items

Fundraising & Donations
View campaign details
Donate via credit card or pledge
Choose one-time or recurring donations
Receive email receipts of donations
Participate in online fundraising campaigns

Browse the store by category
View featured products
Buy books and products
Specific pricing can be based on student level
Can optionally support coupons
Purchase via multi-currency shopping cart system
Generate email order and shipping confirmation
View past order history within student's profile

Career & Volunteer Center
Browse career and volunteer categories
Search and view available career and volunteer openings
Apply directly online for openings
Staff can post and manage career opportunities
Staff can view and export applicant information and résumés
Staff can search the résumé database of available candidates
Students can subscribe to receive email notifications of new openings

Faculty & Administration Directory
View faculty and staff profiles
Read bios and view photos
Contact faculty and staff via site