Future Life Design
Scientific Methods for Improving Future Lives...

image Future Life Design introduces a new trans-life cognitive science for helping awakened senior citizens to raise the quality of their future lives. The methodology is grounded in a revolutionary 21st Century mathematics of consciousness.

Designing Future Lives

Future Life Design presents a new scientific methodology for optimizing a person’s reincarnation skills to improve their interlife performance and yield higher quality future lives.
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These aims are achieved through a system based on four new sciences:

Trans-Life Psychology is a new cognitive science which guides people to develop effective interlife behavioral skills.

Spiritual Chemistry is a new science which defines the elemental properties of awareness including its behavior, locality, mobility, density, and periodicity.

Spiritual Neurophysics is a new science which examines the mechanics of how spiritual beings animate neurology.

Exoplanet Astronomy is a new branch of astronomy which identifies habitable worlds outside our solar system.

The book has three parts:

Part One–New World explains how spiritual chemistry and exoplanet astronomy generate a larger playing field for reincarnation with broader choices for future lives.

Part Two–New Self examines how spiritual neurophysics and trans-life psychology can open up greater individual freedom.

Part Three–Conclusions
assembles the four new sciences and their components into an organized system for improving future lives.

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